Monday Made It: Wooden Pumpkins

Hey everyone!

Monday Made It hasn't been seen on my blog for a long time lol. Finally got crafty. Well I was helping kids build them and got to build a set myself! Ok and I was a happy girl that the guys at work made them already, so I didn't have drill or cut wood :)

First you need 3 sizes of wood painted orange. And drill a hole in the top of each.

Then you need some dowels for stems and paint them brown. Don't forget to paint one end brown for the top!

Cut up green wire for vines. We  had a light and a dark green.

Grab a permanent marker to decorate!

Can I say, I love my new iphone camera. Very clear and sharp! And who says you have to be a kid to make one! Thanks dad for stopping by and then deciding to make one lol. Oh and put a dab of wood glue in the hole, stick the stem and vine in and hammer down to make sure it's secure.

Then you decorate with a permanent marker (or paint) and voila! Three pumpkins from wood. SO cute! And you could realistically draw a face on all sides or 2 sides, so you could see from the front and back.

 photo finalfinalsignature.png


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