Flash Sale, Say What?

Hey everyone!

With all good intentions, I was going to blog about something I'd worked with kids on last week. But I wanted to add a freebie with it, so I got delayed. And then low and behold, TpT reached 100 K FB followers and threw a flash sale. And I wanted to get in on the action and threw my store 20%. So until midnight Hawaii time on 10/14, my store is on sale and you get 10% off at checkout when you enter the code FB100K.

I'll be back Monday with a craft I made today! (Instagram users got a sneak peak! My name on there is teacherjourney if you want to stalk me lol )

I made this sign too, isn't it cute?

TpT store link

 photo finalfinalsignature.png

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  1. Love the sign! I will be using it on my post {crediting you, of course!}


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