Vloggy Friday: Attention Getters

Hey everyone!

Today I come to you with a vlog about attention getters/signals.

Several blog posts coming up with pictures, ideas, and a giveaway :)

 photo finalfinalsignature.png


  1. I love this Tanja! A 'vlog' post! You're adorable and I wish I lived near you so you could sub in my room!

  2. Love the bell! I had small wind chimes that I would use when I had my own class. On Thursday I was subbing in a 5th grade class. Their signal was where the teacher says, "Clap Clap", and the students clap twice. I tried the whole brain "Class? Yes" in a third grade class last week and they loved it. I have also done "hocus pocus" and the class says, "everybody focus". I try to do different ones so it holds their attention.


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