Expo Reminder...Hurry Before It Is Too Late!

Just a reminder....you have until tomorrow to sign up 1/2 price for the expo!!!

I'm pleased to announce that I am a vendor for the expo. I will have a booth in the vendor hall, where I will be offering three of my products from my Teacher's Notebook shop at a discounted price to attendees.

The vendor hall (and the discounted items) will only remain open to attendees who visit Aug. 25 - Sep. 1.

And I'm supplying to the goody bag that you get when you attend the Expo.

What's the Expo you ask? The Virtual Teaching Expo is a place to connect teachers from all over the world  and learn from a virtual education community. he events are presented by Teachers Notebook and Teaching Blog Addict. I've attended an expo in the past and LOVED it. 

Click the pic for more info!


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