5 Tips To Get Ready For The School Year

Well, I just got my first substitute request, for a week in October at my favorite school. So knowing that the requests and jobs are coming in already, I need to be prepared when school starts in a few weeks.

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Here are 5 tips for being ready for school:

1) Have your teacher bag ready to go. Mine is stocked up on stickers and loaded with my favorite go-to emergency activities. I've got some new read-alouds tucked in and my container with fill-in the time activities. Regular teachers will have their laptops and grading stuff. I even have my little pencil bag with essentials like band-aid, lip balm, etc.

2) Get my lunch bag ready the night before. That way I don't have to rush the next morning. If you don't bring your lunch, maybe you get your breakfast ready for the morning like your bowl and spoon and packet of oatmeal ready.

3) Start going to bed earlier. The alarm buzzing (or in my case, singing) in the morning will come all to early. Going to bed earlier insures I have enough sleep. And us teachers need our beauty sleep!

4) Lay out clothes the night before. I did this last year and it saved my hiney in the morning from scrambling through my closet. I saw on another blog where she has her clothes on the hanger, with jewelry attached. That's organized!

5) Put a smile on your face! Start the day off optimistic and your day will be better. Students smile when you smile and it can instantly change the mood :)

 Whether it's the night before school starts, a few weeks before, or during the school week, it's helpful to be prepared.What are your tips for being ready for school?


  1. Those are some great tips Ms. T! I would love to see that blog where she has her jewelry on the hanger too! Maybe I should try that even if I never leave the house;) Good stuff!

  2. Great tips! School has already started here and I have already subbed one day and have another by request on the 31st! I can't wait! I must say #5 on your list is a must do!!!

  3. Good luck in your new school year!! I hope its a great one:))

    Surfin' Through Second

  4. That is all part of what I do for my daughter but I have no routine. I am very organized at work but fail in organizing myself. My mornings resemble a scavenger hunt! Changing clothes, digging for any jewellery, on a search for the other shoe and then rushing out the door. The only thing ready to go is my work and my daughter.
    I have to learn to cut off work time at home or schedule it if possible. It's normal for me to work early into the morning since I get more done once everyone is asleep. Number 3 is top priority for me.

    Two other goals are getting in earlier and checking my personal planner each morning. It would be nice to actually sit and have my coffee (at home) while going over my planner to prepare myself mentally for the day. Getting enough sleep is the only way I will achieve those goals. Oh and #5 won't happen if I'm exhausted either, especially when I am not a morning person!

    Thanks for the post, this is something I have not prepared for!


  5. Thanks for the tips, Ms. T! I will say, your #3 (going to bed early) is the toughest one for me. I always tell myself that tonight's the night and I will be in bed by 10 or 10:30, then 11:15 rolls around! At least we have the weekends!

  6. I do all of your tips and I even go as far as hanging my jewelry with my outfit and having my shoes there too! Now if I could only get myself to try on my outfit the night before. I just can't do it. That would save the craziness of having to find something quickly! You know because often when you put something on it is just too big!!LOL!


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