Volunteer To Set Up, Say What?

Silly me, I offered to help my friend set up her classroom yesterday. She totally put me to work! And we had a lot of laughs and fun and now her room is pretty much ready to go for Monday. She was trying not to go in today and when I left after 6 and 1/2 hours, her room only had a few more things to do. I got her copies ready for next week (she's a kinder teacher) and her next door neighbor who is also my buddy.

I had so much fun doing her 3 bulletin boards. One just needed a frame. The main one in her room is where her students' names will be in a basket of apples under a tree with some playful creatures.

Her outside bulletin board is a blue sky and hills background. A school is on the hill with a big bus and kids going to it. We did a 3-D tree and clouds and flowers. She's going to put apples with kid's names too.

Speaking of the apples, they were laminated and she wrote in Sharpie on them. She told me she was going to have to buy a magic eraser and I told her nope! I grabbed  a dry erase marker and wrote over the names and then erased. Tada! My friend was soooo excited lol. She told me she will use this forever.

I also got her homework folders done and her writing folders for 26 of  her kinders.

I'm kicking myself in the pants for only snapping one picture and it's not even the final lol. But maybe I'll remember to take a pic when I'm working at her school next week on the second day of school!
It says "Bienenvidos" on top because she's a dual language teacher. This pic is before the clouds, flowers, and road!

And for your viewing pleasure and my amusement, here's DJ Meow Meow. DJ Whiskers.
Aww  Checkers, I do love you, my furball!



  1. That looks so great! You are so nice to go in and help her. You're from Portland, right? Have you ever subbed in one of the Catholic Schools here? I teach in one, that's why I ask. :)
    Sarah's First Grade Snippets

  2. You are so sweet to help!!!! And Checkers is so cute!!! :-)


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