My Other "Job"

So I have another 'job'. I quote it because 3/4 of the time I work at the kiddos club, it's volunteer and this summer Saturday Market is really the only time I get paid. I love the kid's club and the market.

Today was a beautiful day!

Took this from my front door before I left for work. I love that as they got closer, I could hear them!

I'm at one end and vendors go all the way down. We're smaller this year than last, but mighty!

My booth set up. Yes, I blurred out the name. I'm still on the down low :)

I love chatting with people and sending them out to the store for their supplies. I'm a people person, what can I say? 

And of course I'm loving my other job, TN and TpT. I've met so many wonderful people! I can't wait until I see more pics with my stuff being used in it :)

So on Thursday, when I helped my buddy in her kinder class, her and another teacher were telling me what they would buy in my store hahaha. One thing that came up is the need for Spanish stuff. I already have Spanish numbers, so I decided on Spanish colors too! 

I'm in love with this!!!

From the number set

I'm working on Spanish supply labels and possibly converting some of my packets over to Spanish. 

The first 3 people to leave a comment with an e-mail can choose either the numbers or the colors!

Thanks to my  first 3 commenters :) Hope you enjoy the little treat!



  1. Looks great! Good luck with the other job :)
    I would love the numbers one - but I have no need for Spanish in my classroom.

  2. WOW - My students take Spanish and I love to support their learning. I would love either set, colors I guess.
    Thanks for sharing your resources! This will make a great center!

  3. This would be great at a dual language campus. I like the number set.

  4. I love the spanish sets!! I'm having a giveaway over at my very teeny tiny currently unknown blog if anyone wants to enter;


  5. I'm curious where you got the border for your spanish numbers? I love the crayons!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade


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