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I'm trying to think of things I haven't said yet hahaha.

1. I can be OCD at times about different things. Like I ALWAYS have to be early when I go somewhere, even if that means sitting in my car for a bit. I don't know why, maybe it's just a fear of being last or late? And I'm a smidgen OCD about having things in pairs. I don't really like odd numbers except for 3, because that's how many it was in my house lol.

2. I'm an only child. Need I say more? Lol.

3. I love traveling. I've been to many state and national parks, Las Vegas, Hawaii, and overseas to Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic.
4. I love the beach. I'm kind of sad I haven't made it there yet this summer, but I'll try very hard too! I love the sea smell and the sounds of the waves! We're blessed with a beautiful coast here in Oregon.

5. I love hanging out with my friends. And most of them I met during community things. They are the best that you could ever ask for!

6. I love to cook and bake. I have fun creating new recipes.

7. I love to go crabbing and to eat crabs!

8. I love to craft and I love Pinterest. I even started another blog for teachers who love Pinterest (Endless Pinabilities).

9. I'm super close to my mom. She's my best friend!

This is an old pic!


10. I've met some celebrities in my life! JTT (Jonathan Taylor Thomas), Mike Fourtner (Time Bandit on Deadliest I know his parents!), and Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien.

Hungry Girl!

11. I want to find the love someday that my parents have! They've been married 31 years but still act like newlyweds all the time :)

12. I dislike spiders, sushi, and plain tomatoes. I can stand tomatoes in stews/chilis and salsa. But not by themself!

13. I love purses and jewelry!

14. I usually have to have music playing, I hate a quiet house (usually lol).

That's it. Well not all, but I don't want to keep going on and on. I hope you know more about me now :)



  1. Aaahhh! JTT!!! :) I loved him!

    Those cupcakes/muffins look AMAZING!

    Live, Laugh, Love, Teach


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