Background Fun

I think I may have found a new hobby. I was playing around, trying to create backgrounds for some of my products. And I found a few paper packs I like, but they're getting expensive! And the set didn't have everything I liked. So I made my own!

They'll be uploaded to my TpT store. Here's my first one:

It's on sale at $1.50 in my store. It includes monsters, ice cream, birds, flowers, mustaches, and insects.

I plan on making more, in fact, I have a new pack almost ready to go in my TpT store, should be up in a day or so (I hope for it to go up today)  it's up! And it's also on sale for $1.50 and it's perfect for all your back to school (bts) products and has 12 backgrounds.

I'm loving all of it. I think I love the apples the most. But I love the pencils background and the school supplies one too!

I have a few other ideas in mind too, but if you have any suggestions/requests, let me know!



Thanks for leaving me happy notes!

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