Media Connections

It's so amazing how I take technology for granted. I'm without my laptop due to it not being able to connect to the internet (I'm on a borrowed computer) and I don't have my powerpoint so I can't make teacher products and it's driving me nuts!

But for teachers, there is so many great resources. We've got FB, Pinterest, blogs, and more.

TBA is a big part of it for me and has a few cool features you should check out.

First, TBA has a Pinterest link up area!

Click this pic to go add your own Pinterest page!

TBA also has a newspaper. Did you know that? It's an online newspaper with headlines, pictures, and videos of the lastests posts and freebies that TBA authors think you should read about!

Click the pic to go start reading!

And of course, there is my favorite area, the favorite events! Any linky parties, giveaways, book studies, any kind of those goodies, is all in this one area!

Click above to go straight to favorite events!

So, I hope those get you more involved or find someone new you didn't know before!


  1. Awesome info to share, thanks! I'm going to put this info on my blog as well. I added my pinterest board to TBA.



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