Pictures of my Week

Safety Camp is coming to a close. Tomorrow is graduation. I've been trying to snap pictures of our visitors but end up being busy with kiddos, imagine that!

Fire safety

Our Safety Town

Motor and crosswalk safety

Police/stranger safety

Playground Safety

One of my favorite counselord (ok I'm biased, she's my neighbor but so sweet!)

Bus safety (many of them had never ridden and were so excited!)

911 safety (it talks to them and is great practice!)

Also, Ms. Fultz is having a blog design giveaway! I'm entering it because, hey who can't use a makeover? I told myself I wouldn't remake my blog over until I get a full time position and that's when I would change my name, but I feel my blog needs a little more pizazz, though I still love it now! I'd probably go for something with dots or something related to a journey like a road/path.

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  1. Safety Town sounds fun! We have something like that out here but I don't know exactly how it works. They have a miniature town for little kids to ride around in.


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