Fab Finds!

So I don't know if I said it, but yesterday I spent 3 hours shopping. 3 hours. But a lot of it was walking and perusing.

There are sooo many fabulous stores all in this one area. Like Target, Michael's, Marshalls, Cost Plus World Market, Old Navy, etc. I had you at Target though didn't I :) And it was a fab day to just be by myself and not have time constraints and just shop.

I hit up World Market just because. Ok, so I kind of was craving German chocolate and wanted one my Oma used to send all the time.

Mmmm. It's chocolate with a milk like center but it's solid.

But I also could just peruse the whole store. It's so interesting with things from all over the world. And I spotted this fab rug made out of recycled flip flops!

I'm not sure if people wore them or not...hahaha.

And I got a cute shirt at Ross Dress for Less and some shoes. I know, I did good with only 2 things!

This pic doesn't do them justice! Somehow, that shirt makes me look sooo good! Lol. I even sent a pic to my mom who's on vacation. And  it was on clearance and was $6!!!!! And the shoes were $13 and are a pink snake skin flats. And I'm excited that they are 9's because I used to usually wear 10's and 11's but my feet have slimmed down thankfully!

Ok, on to Target. I must have missed the summer clearance stuff about an hour before. Bummer. But it was all replaced with school stuff. Curious George and Splat the Cat were $3.99 I believe.

From the dollar bins, I got the American history flash cards and the Dr. Who Shall Not Be Named pencils. Honestly, I was a tempted to not get them with the whole drama still fresh in my mind, but it's for the kids.

See how cute?

Next is Michael's. I had to be good. Super good. I went in with a  mission and only bought one thing not on my list. Ok, well maybe 3.

The paper packs I got were 3 for $10 and I need them for decor I will make for the auction I'm on the board for. Two things of ribbon (not on my list but $1 each). I got my circle hole punch I need for paint chip DIY stuff. The chalk pastels are for a Pinterest thing for hair, as in streaking it. And the jumbo clips are for bookmarks.And that blur is Checkers checking things out. Nope, nothing for you sweet cheeks.

A closer look of the pic (and a closer look for my cat). I swear, she is so snoopy!

And I went to Walmart (but that was the next day) and scored!

 I got those Scentos pens everyone has been talking about, $1 each, in apple and strawberry. I got the stickers in the 88 cent bin. 426 stickers!!!!! I'm set for the whole school year lol. I give stickers out a lot in the younger grades. And those are sparkly too! But I think I'm most excited about the wooden T's. I almost bought some at Michael's but didn't. I snooped in the clearance aisle at my Walmart and had to do double take (or triple) at the price. 20 cents!!!!!!! SCORE big time! I don't know what I'll do with them (I see decoupage or scrapbook papering or mod podging in my future) but I can't beat that price. And they had 2 left! Plus X and Y and a few random letters. I need to check out that aisle more often!

Thanks for sticking through that long post (at least there were lots of pictures!). Hopefully you are inspired by something or maybe I've just added to your need of shopping, lol.



  1. You found some awesome deals! I can't wait to see how your Ts work out :)
    Stories by Storie

  2. Looks like fun!!! I love shopping by myself too! :-)

  3. Great items!! I love Ross when I can find a good deal on shoes, I had no luck yesterday. But I did get three new outfits at TJ Maxx:)



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