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I had a teacher friend tell me that a clothing store at a shopping center is closing. I need new dress pants for the fall because mine are all too big (yay!). I think I'll go tomorrow. Since I'll be heading over there, I decided I'd make it one big shopping trip.

I plan on going to World Market, Marshalls, Old Navy, Ross Dress for Less, Target, and Michaels. Those last two are dangerous, I know!

I plan on hitting up Target Dollar spot for sure. And Michaels...I'm shivering in anticipation. I only need two things, but we'll see how that turns out!

I'm going to check my Sunday ads right now! And of course make some sort of shopping list. Have to be organized and all.

Any recommendations or sales going on you know? Happy Sunday!



  1. Office Max has .50 cent composition books
    Have fun shopping!

  2. you can buy clothes can definitely search some thing new for you on various shopping sites..


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