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Well it looks like I'm going to be a camp counselor next week for 3-6 year olds at the safety camp I've helped with before. Don't get me wrong people, it's fun and all and only a week (well Mon-Thur. technically) but I'm the oldest one there (except for the boss and her mom-in-law). The last few years I've been an assistant but she actually is short on counselors and normally we get 2 kids each but it's so short on counselors we'll probably have 3 each and since "you're a teacher and can handle 30 kids at once, if we get more, you can have 4). I am praying we have no more.

A lot of these kids, well, they've not been to school. And they cry. And hate when they cry. And oh we have one that likes to hide under the sink and not listen. I don't have that child *grin*

We teach them all about safety, as in : fire, police, animal, water, bus, ambulance, farm, 911, and Mr. Yuk. It is fun and we do tons of crafts, meet people from the police/fire (my buddies!), amublance and pool. We even ride a school bus (insert sarcastic cheer). The kids have fun and hopefully by the end of camp they know their safety rules, phone number, and address. I'll at least know theirs by the end hahahaha. Who's that calling honey? Oh some strange lady who says she knows our address too.

Ohh and I'm trying to work on something for Monday Made It. I better get cracking though!

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  1. I feel your pain! I was a camp counselor before, and I was thinking of doing it this summer again, until I got my ESY job. I would have been the oldest counselor by about 10 years!

  2. I found your blog through a giveaway. Its fabulous:) I am your newest follower.

    The Resourceful Apple


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