Substitute Preparedness #4: Time Fillers

Welcome to the fourth post in my monthly series!

Last month I talked about classroom management. This month I want to talk about time fillers.

It can be awful if there are five-ten minutes with nothing to do. The kids get restless. You're looking at the kids. They're looking at you. A vision of "Kindergarten Cop" pops into your head... Anyway, thankfully I've mastered these kinds of situations and have some tips for you!

My quick go-tos:
  • Read a story
  • Have them grab book tubs
  • My time filler container
  • Crossword/word search/Sudoku 
  • Math or reading page

I've done a post before on a time filler container I made.

Click to visit.

Or I can pull out one of my activities that I've made, like my dice games. Fun and educational at the same time!

Sometimes the teacher leaves stuff for me, if not, I'm not too worried because I come prepared (most of the time hahaha).

Something for you (or the sub tub) this month...Cinco De Mayo Dice Activities and April/May Writing pages. 

Click here to get it free.

April writing pages:

Click here for your freebie

Leave me a little lovin' in the comments if you grab a freebie!


  1. I'm a sub so those 5-10 minutes with nothing to do can be nerve-wracking. I usually bring a book that is geared towards the grade level I'm subbing for. I can't wait to print out some of your items to keep in my sub bag! :)

    Recess and Beyond

  2. I grabbed the CInco De MAyo Dice games! cuteness!
    thank you
    Going Nutty!

  3. I am also a sub and have a few ideas I use to fill that time. You could add Rebuses to your collection I have found with the older kids getting them to think away from the pack is fun. Thank you for the other great ideas and the freebies they are now in my collection!

  4. Great ideas! THanks for the cute freebies Ms. T! You're awesome!

    Cheers To School

  5. I wish you could come to Australia and sub for me! You are so organized!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

  6. Books are great time fillers! I (almost) always bring one from home so that it is (hopefully) a new one that the kids haven't heard yet.
    Mad Libs are also good (especially if you don't just teach in the early years).
    Usually, I'll play a game with the students though. I like (and the kids do as well) silent ball (I'll do a blog post about it sometime... might not be for a while though).

    Confessions of a Modern Day Substitute Teacher

  7. We celebrate Fiesta here in San Antonio -- and even get a day off school for the "Battle of Flowers" parade. These [Cinco De Mayo freebies] will be great to use before going to see King Rey Feo or King Antonio when they visit our school. We often have to wait for them to call us down, but you don't want to be mid lesson. Thanks, once again, for always sharing your great work!

  8. Just happened upon your blog from pinterest! It is SO cute!! Love it. I grabbed your writing activities and the cover up roll games! I just started teaching 4th grade and these are great for our days full of tests. :) Appreciate it!!

  9. Hi Tanja! Just found your blog through Ashley's - love it!! I'm your newest follower!!

    Science for Kids Blog


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