Five For Friday

What a week! There were rough moments and funny moments. Like yesterday, we were looking at a Presidents chart and the kids pointed to Obama. And I told them I've had more than him as a president, five to be exact. One kiddo got all excited and pointed to George Washington..."I bet he was one of your presidents!" Oh boy. I may seem old to them (I'll be 28 in June), but I am not THAT old hahaha.

I finished up the week by teaching primary colors to the firsties. The comments were precious! "I made green!" "We can make our OWN colors!" and I may have heard, "This is the best day EVER!"

They were amazed they could make purple and orange, even with crayons.

I let them go at it with butcher paper.They're only little so long you know? And I mean, they worked cooperatively at their tables, helped each other with colors, and this one even wrote numbers! I just told them to draw things in primary colors.

Just watchin' the neighbor's cat who attacks her when she's outside lol.

My new obsession. I have K-3 sub plans and am on 4th now with 5th after and *maybe* middle school?

Re-doing a cover and decided to revamp the whole packet!

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  1. Hahaha I found myself saying to the kids in my class (who are 11) "I'm not that old!!!" when they couldn't believe I'd heard of a video game they were talking about... I'm 32 (a young 32 I'd like to think haha) but as soon as I heard those words come out of my mouth I knew I must seem ancient to them!
    I found you through the linky party and am your latest follower- your the first substitute teachers blog I've started following!
    Have a good weekend

    x Serena x
    Magic Mistakes & Mayhem

  2. I tell my students that I'm 173. And they look at me like, she serious or not? Then, one will guess that I'm in my 40's, someone else will get upset and say, no, I'm in my 20's. They really have no clue (I'm 57)! It's pretty funny, and my students are also 11.

    I love your sub plans idea. You've devoted a lot of time and effort to making sure you're the kind of sub teachers want!

    Add me to your list of followers!

  3. I think 5th grade sub units are a fantastic idea! ;) Your 4th grade theme is super cute!

    The Brown-Bag Teacher

  4. Is someone torturing Checkers out there????? Let me at em! Let me at em!
    Go Nutty with Me!


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