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So there's this nifty program that a fellow made for his hunny bunny that helped her out as a substitute. It went through her sub system and alerted her to sub jobs sitting there.

I got the chance to use and it has made things easier for me!

So what happens is I get a little text telling me a job is available. I also get an email too.

It tells me the school, grade, and teacher, and the date. Very handy! Now I don't have to sit at the computer refreshing for jobs all the time :) 

I love it when I get requested for multiple days because then it texts a lot hahaha :)

It works with Aesop, Subfinder, and SmartFindeExpress (which I have).

Thank you CT for creating this program!

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  1. Wondering if that one has a fee involved? I am using one called SubAssist which also works on the three programs you mentioned. I love it and it has paid for itself 30 or 40 fold.

  2. Have you ever used Jobulator? It seems like a similar idea but it's run through Aesop. Do you use them both together?

  3. Awesome! I use SmartFindExpress so this is perfect. Hopefully this will help me snatch up jobs quicker!

  4. So glad you posted this! I have SmartFindExpress, SubFinder, and Aesop (each school division where I sub uses something different). Do you know if it texts you about jobs for all 3? I assume, since you use SmartFindExpress, it would work for that, and I'm almost positive I read it worked for Aesop... just didn't read anything about SubFinder.
    Also, do you find that you're booking more jobs using the webservice? I'm finding that subbing calls are less frequent than they used to be but don't want to pay the $90 unless I'm sure it's going to get me a lot more jobs (although, I suppose the $90 would pay for itself as soon as I book one job through it).

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    1. You can always email him about any questions. My school district wasn't on the list but he added it.

      It's hard to compare jobs this year to year previous, because 95% of my jobs this year have been all requested or prearranged.

      It'll alert me when a job is sitting there and I have snagged some jobs that way.

    2. I'm late on the reply but... what is his email? I feel like I've searched everywhere on that site for it. I'm probably looking with my man eyes.


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