Stepping Stone Fun

Yesterday I was our biggest class with the kids at my other work. We have three classes on a Saturday, once a month. Normally 15-25 each class. We expected 90-100 however. Yeah. Thankfully it was more than just myself and the other two regular workers.

I run the registration and check in normally. I had to do that, plus bring the stepping stone forms, and get the kiddos situated. I don't think I barely had a chance to rest for three hours. And I loved every minute of it!

But the downside to being so busy, was that I only got two pictures!
So what do we do? Kiddos get a choice of a flower, heart, circle, square, or hexagon (or whatever has been poured) form that's been filled with cement.

They hop on over to one of the 'work tables' aka a stack of lumber that we threw plastic on and get decorating!  We have glass beads, broken china plates, screws, nails, and letter stamps.

Paper towels to dry the too wet cement and buckets of warm water for cleaning are at hand too.

That's my friend's daughter :) 

I love the creativity that comes flowing out of the kids. They can design however and whatever they want and it will last for a long time! And all for $5!  I made one too, with stamps and porcelain plate pieces (mosaic flower) but forgot to snap a pic. I'll post a pic after I go pick it up later next week when it's dry.

You can do this at home too! You just buy a plastic form, stamps/jewels, and the mix. I know our boys were using Sakrete mix, but you can buy some online too if your hardware store doesn't have any.

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