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I LOVE paper products. You know I love me some office supplies! 

First up is the Note Taking System.

It's a small notebook, 5x8 and has 50 pages. I like that it has notes, date, and a side column.  I've never seen a book like this before.

Here's it's Mama at 8.5x11.75. You can see a comparison of the Mama and baby at the bottom of my post (they're the ones on the left). I'll be using this for Relay for Life stuff for sure!

Next is the Tops Idea Collective Notebook (or should I say notebooks, it's a 2 pack!) Can't go wrong with that. I like the soft cover and that it's wide-rule and 96 pages in each!

Last but not least, is the Tops Idea Collective Journal. Love that it has a strap. It also has a bookmark. I think this could be a place for me to write down unit/pack ideas.

Here they all are! 

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  1. What is it about being a teacher and loving office supplies? ;)


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