Whatchya Wearing Wednesday

Whatchya Wearing Wednesday? Well more like Tuesday, because I kept getting told I was beautiful all day yesterday! But I cancelled my 1/2 day job today because I woke up feeling unwell.

So what was I wearing? I went for the layered look but I had a blank tank top, a silver shirt on top, a black jacket, jeans, and my black Toms.

And yes, that is a Coach name badge :)

My accessories besides my Toms were a pair of silver circle cluster earrings and one of three stackable chevron rings from Target. 

I've got light blue, dark blue, and teal.

Speaking of rings, I just bought some from Very Jane! Now maybe it's a good thing I didn't discover this website before, otherwise I'd be broke buying all their stuff! They've got deals every day and I discovered them through some other bloggers.

I bought two rings, each $2.75! One is a rose, the other a dahlia. I chose the color and the flower and the ring base color!

I'm so excited to get them! 



  1. I love your outfit! I'm big on layering! Great blog, keep it up.

    I am your newest follower! Come visit me at www.AisforAfterschool.blogspot.com


  2. Coach name tag holders!? I'm a Coach junkie- that's going on my whish list!!

    ❤ -Stephanie
    Falling Into First

  3. When I get more followers, I'd like to start a Fashion Friday Linky Party where teachers post their favorite outfits from the week!

    my classroom is my runway

  4. Those STACKING chevron bracelets are to die for... I must go find them! Also Very Jane, love! Cute, cute, cute!

    teaching with hope


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