Going once, going twice, sold!

Oh my friends, the auction is done and over and I'm exhausted. But it was a success! It amazes me every time how the community comes together. The local football team showed up either in their jerseys or dress clothes and gave every guest a lei (we were having a  Hawaiian Luau theme). They stood around greeting people, they pulled off the sheets when the silent tables closed, they refilled water, they cleared our plates, and they handed out our dessert cupcakes (that's a whole 'nother story!)

One of the most amazing parts was a raise the paddle for the football team. They were hoping to raise $1,500 to get new equipment and football camp scholarships. I was bawling at the end and the look on the faces of the players when the total score was $4,800!

Ok, I tried to cut back on pics, but honestly, I loved how the decor turned out and I have to share all the hard work I did for weeks that only were up for a day lol.

Ok so theme was Hawaiian Luau. We had 3 table groups for the silent auction; Oahu, Kauai, and Oahu. Every guest got a lei. And we had pork, noodles, fruit slaw, fruit, and cupcakes for our meal. And 98% of the decor was created by yours truly! 

Center pieces

Old Grocery Outlet where we got things ready.

Rest of the center pieces

Mama trying on one of the prizes ( Coach!)

One of the silent sections (yellow Kauai)

Cha cha pink Oahu

Teal Maui


Centerpieces altogether with shells 

Lit up and my table :)

So pretty!

The stage

No luau is complete without a tiki bar!



Dessert :)

Me! I dressed up in a Hawaiian print dress, black scarf tied with a coconut shell tie, shell earrings, a lei, and flower in the hair :)




  1. Oh goodness. First of all, congrats on your wonderful total! That's fantastic!

    But seriously, all you have made me want to do is to host a Hawaiian themed party. Those centerpieces are amazing- what did you put the umbrellas into? I think I want to make a wreath like that!

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  2. Wow! Nice job, Tanja!! Very happy for you on your successes!

    Miss V's Busy Bees

  3. Love those centerpieces and the bikinis on the Teddy Grahams! Ha!!

    Learning With Mrs. Leeby


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