Watcha Wearing Wednesday

So I'm thinking I want to do this every Wednesday, this Watcha Wearing. I know there's other pinning things on Wednesday, like what I'm loving or pinning, but you can do more than one in a post right? I like this button I made.

Frame and bag: The 3 AM Teacher 
Background: Maree Truelove

Let me tell you about my shopping trip to the Outlets last week. I needed some blouses desperately! Like bad! So we went to Loft first and I got this cute red blouse:

I love the ruffle down the front!

Then we had to check out the Disney store that just opened up. And these were at Disneyland but I guess weren't selling. They were too cute and comfy to not buy!

That's right. Original member! Booyah!

Well they just opened a new section of the mall. SOOOO excited. But then there were only a few good stores.

I stopped in at Crocs. Yep, an outlet store dedicated totally to Croc shoes. And I scored these in the clearance bin!


And I stopped in at Dress Barn and they have stellar deals. And I love them even more because they had a teacher special. Thanks ladies! I scored this lovely little blouse:

LOVE it! I love the colors. 

Close up of the braided collar and back :)

And I was excited about going to Charlotte Russe. Oh and let me tell you that my mom is with me this whole time and buying things too.  She cracks me up. I should start having segments called "Mama Says". I call my mom lots of things like mother, mom, mama, mutti *German from mom), Mama Bear (yeah there's 3 of us so it fit), etc.

 And I'm dying with laughter because we went in this store just because of something the Outlets newsletter said when the store opened. That it was for ages 14-35.  Mama says, "Who are these people to tell me not to shop here because I'm older than 35? Who?!?!?!"  She was determined to find something she'd like.
We were dancing to the music. Then she's muttering about age discrimination.  I may have heard a rat b****d slip out.

We're walking and looking and then BAM! This number pops out out at us.

Yes, those are spiked boobs. Like Madonna. So we felt them, oh yes we did. Of course it was on a hanger and not on a girl like this! Mama says, "Holy crap! Spiky boobs! They could poke an eye out. But you know  there wouldn't be any guys feeling ya up with this sucker on!"

I was dying people, dying! But our adventure there wasn't done yet. Oh no. So we head on over to another area that had intimates. And about died with laughter because it said "calzones" and Mama says, "Calzones? That's stuff you eat. Who would want to eat undies?"

Even driving away, Mama was mumbling again about Charlotte and coming off her web and stabbing people with the boob dress. And no, she didn't buy anything from the store. Even though she did like some of the booties (shoes).

Picture of Mama goofing around in Loft :)



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  2. Fun idea....I'm such a clothing junkie! I was just looking at all "My Style" items on pinterest and I want them all ( ). I'll be sure to post my "whatcha wearing" soon.

  3. Your mom sounds awesome!! She looks so young:)) I love that blue top its so pretty! I am dressed up today for once, but no time for a post;)


  4. Your mom sounds awesome!! She looks so young:)) I love that blue top its so pretty! I am dressed up today for once, but no time for a post;)


  5. ooh I'm loving that polka dot dress!


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