Seating, Boo, and ...

Yesterday I subbed in kinder. My first kinder class of the year. Oh boy. Let me just tell you I came home and found myself yawning and practically dozing off and barely 6 pm! I had two classes. My morning class was super sweet. My afternoon class kept me on my toes!

I love what the teacher did though for one of her meeting areas. She has one area for reading and regular class groups. But she has another temporary spot for morning announcements, math, and going over the daily goals.

These shapes are the table shapes/colors and are stapled on the wall. Red triangle didn't make the pic lol.

Students grab their table color and line up in front of the table shape on the wall.
That way they all sit in rows in spots! The spots were made from those shelf liner things or placemat grippers.

Quick and easy to put away and set up! Portable seating :)

Now on to boo. Boo who? Don't cry! Hahaha! More like boo what? It's a giveaway at my buddy Jen from The Teachers' Cauldron!

I'm part of the giveaway. There are 5 goody bags of Halloween goodies!

And I'm at 300 FB followers and almost 600 blog followers. I think I'll be doing a giveaway :)


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