Rain, Pool, and Tank

Seems like the theme of today is water! Downpour this morning and showers off and on today. The class I subbed for is in a portable, so I had to pray for a break in the weather coming in and out lol.

The class is finishing up their science unit with crabs, superworms, and frogs. Oh and guppies. Here's a picture of their fish and one of the frogs.

We also had swimming lessons. Oh joy. I was worried I'd lose someone! I kept counting to 25 (one was absent). I grabbed them from lunch at 12:45, loaded on the bus. Everyone in the pool by 1:00 and they had their lesson. Everyone out at 1:55 and back on the bus by 2:05 so we get back by 2:15 because school is out at 2:20.

They were diving at the end of their lesson :)



  1. The little fish is pretty. (And I thought I asked my bloggy friends not to post until I got caught up on reader? HAHA) Hope you had a good day!

    First Grade and Fabulous

  2. Fun day! :) Hopefully tomorrow will be a little bit less wet! :)

  3. Pretty fish! Fish are so relaxing to look at. I keep saying to DH I want a Japanese garden when he buys me my own land and I get my own house built. Here it seems to want to rain like crazy before winter hits. And fall temps are supposed to come back on the weekend which sucks. Looks like your students had fun with their swimming lesson.

  4. I just BOOed you! I hope you haven't been boo-ed already! Stop by my blog to check it out!

    Buzzing with Ms. B


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