Classroom Reveal 2015-2016!

Hey everyone! I am ready to reveal my 4th grade classroom to you! I kept meaning to bring my nice DSLR camera but forgot, so there are some darker pictures, but you'll get the picture (pun intended!).

 We are an IB school, so we have to have the traits and attitudes displayed. The one on the left I made and the one on the right I got from TpT.

 We also want to start using the 7 habits. 

 My still in progress area behind my desk. I'm loving have the M-F tubs though!

 My little corner. 

 The front of my room. The empty space is our meeting area.

 My objectives board with magnetic strips from Teacher Created Resources. My school uses math strategies from the Teacher Development Group and then I made my own accountability bubbles.

 Student display with clothespins from last year. Black and white rug from TJ Maxx.  My I wonder wall and "Read all about it" display.

 IB science/SS wall ready for student work and my temporary book boxes until mine come in from back-order!

 Storage bins from Walmart.

 Student resource area and paper turn in.  Evidence posters from Leslie Ann.

 Favorite part of my room, my vocabulary board/library. Already have my currently reading books posted. Ikea lamp and frame.

 My library that I absolutely love! Black bins from Walmart, green bins from Dollar Tree. Rug and pillows from Walmart and map pillow from Target. 

 Nonfiction section and book recommendations box.

 My series books. Don't worry, I wiped down the top of the bookshelf and taped up the Junie B. Jones box after this picture!

 My fiction and genre section. Signs from Marshalls and TJ Maxx.

 Quotes from books.

Lantern from Dollar Tree and bunting made by me.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my portable classroom. I tried to make it feel like a calm, homey place. My students that came to meet the teacher absolutely adored it and went straight for the library which made my heart melt!  Can't wait for the rest of my kiddos to see the room on Monday, our first day back!


  1. I love how inviting your colors are. You put a lot of time & effort into making your classroom feel like home & your kids will have such a great learning experience! Have a great school year!


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