Sub Prep For The School Year

Hey everyone!

It's never too early to get ready and prepped for a sub! You never know when you might get sick or have to be gone.

What do I have in my sub binder/tub?  My binder has my classroom procedures, daily schedule, specials schedule, rainy day schedule (I live in Oregon, it can rain whenever), class list, seating chart, emergency procedures, and school contact info (secretary names, office number, helpful teachers to call).

Then I have a few pages for reading groups.

These can go with any book, which is what I love! They're something that any of students can do, no matter their level.

My students love to free write, but I wanted some choices for them for writing and I felt these were good topics for them to express their opinions.

When I was a substitute, teaching for social studies and science was usually the hardest. Math and reading they generally knew what they were doing already, but social studies and sciences were harder. That's why I'm including this in my binder because it's nonfiction, it's a high interest topic for my kiddos and a lot of activities are included!

Reading passages, comprehension questions, multiple choice, and interactive flaps!

I also knew for math that my kids most likely would finish something they'd been working on previously, but just in case, toss in a few fun pages in my binder. My kids love dominoes and they always need multiplication practice, so this is perfect!

 Where do I keep this? I have a sub tub and a binder. Here is mine from last year.

Nothing pretty, but it worked! Mine is cuter this year, with a printed cover. Last year was just a trying to survive  year haha!

I usually stick my read aloud book (or a different, fun one), some extra time filler papers, and Scholastic Readers as a treat. I try to make it seem like it's so fun to have a substitute (which it can be!)

If I know I'm going to be out ahead of time, I prep the kids and then leave this hanging out on the board as a reminder. I got the idea from here.

The pages are from my Upper Elementary Sub Pack on TpT.

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