Meet The Teacher + more!

Hey everyone!

It's been crazy up in here! Since the start of August, I've had all sorts of trainings and in-services and now tomorrow is meet the teacher and school starts Monday!

I got to go to an assessment training/workshop, 30 hours of math PD, report card training (we've got a new system), and tech coach training (I'm a tech coach now!).

One of my favorite ideas I got from my math training that I just had to make myself!
I talk about here and you can buy it here.

Then we had all sorts of PD at our school and I got to teach about our assessment workshop we went to. On top of that, trying to get my room assembled and organized for the meet the teacher has been crazy!

All I have to say is that Ladybug's Teacher Files' back to school presentation has saved my butt! It is editable and free!

I mean, it's so perfect and cute!!!! I grabbed it here.

I cannot wait to do my class reveal!!! There's snapshots and tidbits on my IG (I've tried to not reveal too much), but I'm hoping to have my reveal post up this weekend.

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