First Day Photo Booth

Hey everyone!

We've settled into the swing of things at school, as we get ready to start our third week.My class has been working hard with place value, learning about Oregon Native Americans, and writing narratives.

Flashback to the first day of school. I wanted to rev up our first day with a photobooth and the kids loved it!

I just found some props on line and cut them out. Super simple. Grabbed some dowel sticks and taped them on.

They stood in front of the frame with the hashtag in the back.

By far my most favorite pic ever!!! Mustache man haha!

I printed out their pictures and put them in both of the black framed cabinet doors. The kiddos look at them and smile all the time.

It was an easy thing to do, took only a few minutes for pictures, and the kids will definitely remember the first day of school!

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