Shopping Anyone?

Hey everyone!

Yes, I know this post was supposed to be my sub preparedness blog post, but then a wrench got thrown in the plans when TpT announced that the sale was Aug. 4th and 5th and I was pretty sure it was going to be a week later and so I've been busy prepping for the sale.   But no worries, I'll be posting it later this week instead of a Sunday. Is that fine?

So this bad boy is happening Monday and Tuesday:

What am I putting on sale? My whole store! So you can grab my sub plans, class decor, and nonfiction units woohoo!

My new filler pack

My telling time pack

Don't forget that when you leave feedback, you get credits. Those credits add up to free $ to spend on TpT! Woohoo!

I plan on buying a ton of clip art! What are you planning on buying?

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  1. Thanks for the heads up! I have a wish list full of ELA and math activities!

    I'm not entirely sure how TpT works but you said up to 28% off... does this mean the seller decides whether they want to put anything on sale?

    Confessions of a Modern Day [ex] Substitute Teacher

    1. Yes, it's up to the seller to put their store in addition to TpT's discount. So they might not put their store on sale, but you can still use TpT's discount to get some off, but most sellers will put their store on sale 20% :)


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