Meltdown Crisis Averted!

Hey everyone!

Remember those melted crayon canvas art things that were the in thing for awhile? Yeah, I admit, I jumped on that bandwagon and made one too #followingtheherd

But then, tragically, a few months ago I noticed a crayon fell off. Then another. Plink plink. Then it just looked ugly with all these gaps in it (sorry no picture as it was horrifying and I may have been in shock).

I didn't want to throw it away. I mean, I paid for that canvas and all. I started ripping off the crayons. And then I was left with the drippings on the canvas. I looked at it from many angles and saw something...

Do you see it?!?!

I just drew a stem and leaves and then presto...

It's like the flower is exploding and dripping. I think I love it even more than with the crayons on there!

 photo finalfinalsignature.png

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  1. You are so artsy fartsy! Lol seriously though that's cute. I could totally see it with a signature in the corner hung on classroom walls.

    Teaching With Hope


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