Bright Ideas: Photo Fun With Note Cards

Hey everyone!

I'm going to show you how to have fun with note cards!

Holy cow did I have fun with this month's blog post!  I couldn't think of an idea and then I saw a pin from Tessa  about a cat that had a face drawn on a paper in front of its face.

Cute right?

I thought to myself, making faces yourself can be fun. Example:

And you all know (well most of you), know that I have a cat, Checkers. I thought, I can do this!  Well first off, she thought it was a game and kept batting at the card. So then I grabbed treats but she focused on those instead of the cards. I finally did snap some photos, not the best, but they'll work.

Here are the cards lined up. You can see the possibilities are endless!

Now what am going to use these for? Last month I talked about photo prompts in the class and these would work great! But I also had a few other ideas....

  • You could use them in your class and create your own emotions chart.

  • You could use them as props in a photo booth for back to school or end of the year (or just anytime).

  • Students (if you have one) could use an iPad or iPhone and use this during writing time and create a story with pictures.

  • You  could make a game out of it like trying not to laugh. Everyone is quiet and one person has all the note cards with the lips and faces. They use them until some one laughs. Well it sounded good in my head lol. 

You could draw anything on these cards! I had to get in on the action too, I couldn't let Checkers be the only one having fun. And I ended up sending a bunch of texts to family with them...hey new emoticons?!

 I hope you like this bright idea! What would you use these props for? 

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  1. I'm bit sure who made me laugh more you or Checckers! Bwahahaha I think I'm going to use these to act out stories and do some role play for back to school rules!!

    Teaching with Hope

  2. I love this because you can do it on a whim... which we all know is how we roll sometimes. Sometimes I make mustaches for kids on tape.. just to be silly and fun! This is one of those things to help build that trust and sense of community that classrooms today SO NEED!

    Great idea!

    Jennifer from
    Simply Kinder

  3. This looks so fun... and Checkers was a trooper! What a fun way for kids to work together!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  4. How fun! Thanks for making me smile! I'm always looking for ways to make the kids smile!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  5. OH I laughed when I saw your pics. Our students will love doing this. Thanks for sharing your ideas and photo examples :)

    Kathy Griffin's Teaching Strategies


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