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Hey everyone!

I have to have a planner of some sorts, otherwise I'll miss out on meetings/events. That's where I write down sub jobs, birthdays, and more. Also, I will 99% most likely be the secretary of a non-profit for the city that has bbqs, auctions, and helps the community so much, so I'll definitely need a planner for that (well, regardless if I get the position or not, a planner is a must!)

To the rescue comes my friend April from A Modern Teacher. I seriously love her and her planners.

When my package came, I may have squealed as I pulled out this bag that April painted a gold heart on herself.

I also may have gushed over the polka dots. I love polka dots! (She also has a couple other designs).

Plus a pencil to plan with, bonus!

The Teacher Life Map is amazing because it is split in three parts. 

The mapping it part has a dinner planning page, which I definitely will use. And then the full month, followed by the week as you see down below.

The Live It part is the school part for curriculum and other student stuff.

The Love It section has pages for notes and ideas. This will also be put to use ASAP.

I think I fell in love with all the little touches. I've looked through and even more pop out. Most noticeably are the quotes from books, which I absolutely adore. And the colored dividers between each month.

I love my Life Map planner so much April, thanks!!!

You can check out her planners here and she also carries lesson and teacher planners in her store. April didn't tell me to blog about her stuff, I just had to share the brilliant planner with you all!

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