Substitute Preparedness #12: Winterize Your Sub Tub!

Hey everyone!

Oh my word y'all (can I use y'all now that I was in Texas for a week?), who would have thought that I've done a year's worth of sub prep posts already? This year went FAST!  So here we are, sub preparedness numero 12.

So I wanted to do something clever for this post. A cool topic to discuss. But then nothing came to me. Nada. Zero. Zilch. And I was in Texas for a week. I even got to meet up with my buddy Reagan. And I got to go to the Alamo and some missions. And go to Dallas and see the JFK sites and go to the museum.  And eat delicious food (Tex Mex...Whataburger... BBQ...). And then on Thanksgiving, I went to the Cowboys game. As in my first NFL game ever. At the largest stadium ever. And there was this cute guy next to me (Hi Joe! Don't know if you'll ever find my blog lol). Thankfully they won or it would have been a long flight home with my father. I'll do a post with pics later!

So now my blog post is mostly about Texas and nothing to do with winter and prepping for a sub in the winter and making it through until winter break and I'm rambling. *sigh* And I'm already thinking of doing this next year and how will I top my dice roll activities? Maybe make it literacy since y'all will have a ton of math activities now? Let me know!!!

Sort of on topic...things that are winter related your sub can do:

*Read winter books
*Have a paper snowball fight (have topics or story starters on each paper and the kids use this for writing)
*Winter Art- snowflakes, snowmen, etc.
*If I lived in a snowglobe...(writing and/or art project)
*Puffy Paint Fun-snowman, snowflakes, snow

But, I do have a freebie for you!

Click here to grab it!

Thanks for listening to my rambling :) Enjoy the freebie!  And don't forget about the Cyber Monday and Tuesday sale on can get up to 28% off by using the code: CYBER at checkout. My whole store will be on sale!


  1. Thank you so much. These are perfect for my sub. tub and for my fast finishers! I appreciate your generosity and creativity!

  2. Thanks for the great tips and fun freebies:-)

  3. These are fantastic. I found them searching for some things to put in my first grade math tubs for January. Thank you!


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