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Hey everyone!

   Hope you all had a great Christmas. I took a bit of a break teacher and creating wise, but then decided to get back into gear and create products and mapped out my monthly series for 2014. Yes, my monthly series will be going again 2014! I'm already working on a freebie (hint: You'll need dice!). I'll talk more about what's in store for my series next month :)

     I had an interesting Christmas Eve. I rode with my parents to go to my grandparents' house (literally over the river and through the woods). However, stuff started shutting off in the SUV. The radio. Then the interior lighting like on the dashboard. So we managed to be in a town when this happened and Fred Meyer was still open and we got a new battery. Thought we found out it was the alternator, so we were hoping we'd be able to make it back home.

     Well we get to my grandparents at 6 and the house was black. Pitch black. No lights on anywhere. And did I mention this was fog (where was Rudolph when you needed him?). And so we are sitting in the SUV, turned off because we don't want to waste the battery. In the dark. In the fog. Cue the creepy horror music. And I had to pee. Not a good combo. And we don't have a key to get in.

     A half hour later (I was thinking about going behind a bush at this point), my aunt pulls in. No key either. Apparently the grandparents decided they wanted to go to a church service. And didn't call us to tell us this.
Anywho... Christmas Eve commenced and all was well.

And I received a lovely present in a secret gift exchange.
Coffee! And a cute ornament :)

And my parents know me all so well (ok, maybe I hinted).
Duck swag :) This I didn't ask for, but I love it! 

Washi!!! It came with all that tape :) And it spins.

My Kindle Fire will now travel in comfort and protection!

Also, a local shop had a 50% off sale the day after Christmas, so of course I had to go get me more Kelly Rae Roberts stuff!
It says different things like create, wish, dream big, soar, shine, imagine. It will most definitely go in my future classroom!

I already had some of those...I got hope and dream big this time. 

I had a great Christmas Break...I went to an ornament party, went to a girl's night and watched movies, and just relaxed. And I realized I don't go back until the 8th, so I have more time to relax. Especially since I realized I could watch Amazon Prime videos and tv shows...see you next year! Haha, I love how that sounds :)

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  1. Hello My Treasured Buddy!
    I loved your presents--especially the coffee! And the washi tape swirl around! And the beautiful messages!
    You always manage to experience twice as much adventure in half of the time... compared to most people. I would have been scared to bits in the "big woods." Glad THAT story turned out to have a safe and happy ending!
    Wishing you much love and laughter in 2014!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. I love your washi tape organizer! Enjoy the rest of your break! I'm trying to make the most of my 3 days! :)

    Second Grade Math Maniac

  3. I can't decide which college to cheer on.....part of me wishes I was from Washington so I could wear purple! Love Sherlock....make sure you watch that on instant video.
    Chickadee Jubilee


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