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One of my friends is having trouble with her kids understanding inferring. Some of them get it, but not all. I wanted to help her, so I came up with the idea of Inspector Inference. At the bottom is a funny video to start of the unit, but first come some pics from the pack!

 Inspector Inference has a lot of cases to solve, but he needs some help. That's where your students come in! Each step of the way, Inspector Inference has written a letter, asking for help to solve the problem.

Students get to act like detectives and solve crimes by reading case reports and looking at case photos.

He needs to find lost people, but can't figure out where they are located. Students to the rescue again with their inferring!

Inspector Inference is invited to some events, but he doesn't know what the events are. Students infer what event he is going to.

There are some letters that have fallen out of envelopes and Inspector Inference wants to return them to who they're supposed to be delivered to. Students solve the problem.

Hats and shoes get mixed up and students read descriptions to figure out what goes where and what job the person holds.

After all this, Inspector Inference is so grateful, he has created and signed certificates for students and even badges for them.

I think this would be fun using real magnifying glasses to observe the photos. And I'm telling my friend she needs to put the papers in file folders and write "Unsolved Cases" on the front of it. And to introduce it, she should play the Inspector Gadget Theme Song. Or better yet, my own version which is for your entertainment free for you here...

I'm hoping this helps my friend's class understand inferring better, and yours too! Inspector Inference is in my store here.

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