Color in the Classroom: Paint Chip Activities

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I'm so excited about this blog post. It's been an idea in my mind for awhile and today I finally took the time to create this post.

So you know how I help out at a lumberyard once a month? Remember last year when they switched over to another brand and were getting rid of all their paint and paint chips and I scored all the paint chips? Well they're still in my trunk all this time, but I grabbed a handful out to share some ways to use these paint chips in your class or at home with your kids.

From math to reading, these can be used for various things. Why use paint chips? Well, they are colorful and fun! They're a simple way to spice up learning. And they're free! Now, you may be saying, "Ms. T, I don't work at a hardware store like you and can't get boxes of samples!" Ok, true. But you can take samples. And maybe if you ask the employees very nicely, they'll let you take more. Or just have your family and friends grab a handful every time and then you'll have a collection. Haha! I hope that these pics will help give you some ideas for using paint chips with kids!

A cute idea to spruce up the classroom during the holidays with these paint chip creatures and creations. And I think I know how all my presents are going to be addressed to people now...

Whether these paint chips are in a writing folder or on a bulletin board, they're simple reminders of focusing on learning.

Paint chips can be interactive! Spell out words or names. Slide and spell new words or word families. 

Working on contractions? Cut apart paint chips for these. Or use them for numbers or any other thing! Working on synonyms? Create a quick reference on paint chips.

During reading or after reading, these would be fun ways for students to work with. Write on it or tape it in a notebook to make it interactive!

Keep students focused during reading or after reading with these bright reminders.

Learning numbers? Kids can skip count. Or write math problems.  Kids have a problem picking partners? Distribute the cut up paint chips and they find their own partner.

Make a fun and creative answer card. You could put a paper clip to slide up and down for the answer or kids could point with their finger or use a post it note. Make little quizzes or answering questions fun.
And spruce up bulletin boards with kids' work with their names on paint chips. Or use on their desks.

A few other ideas for paint chips:
  • Use them as borders for bulletin boards
  • Create abstract art 
  • Garlands and banners

Did this help you? What other ideas can you think of with the paint chips?

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