Reunion and a Winner

Happy Weekend! Tonight is my 10 year reunion. Wow, time has flown past. It doesn't look like many can make it tonight as they are spread across the US, but it still should be fun. And maybe the 20 year one they will be able to make it!

We're doing a bbq and everyone brings a side. I hit up my fave website, and made a Southwestern Black Bean Salad that I made on the 4th of July.

 So yummy!  

The cilantro, lime, pepper, and olive oil.

And now for a flashback to a few of my high school memories. I honestly had the best time. Newspaper (we traveled to Phoenix and San Fran for Nationals), National Honor Society, FBLA, STARS, and homecoming were the best memories!

 My fave yearbook out of the 4 of them. It was designed to look like a magazine. And at the end, everyone in the school was linked together somehow!!!
May Day was always a blast. That's Paul on his tractor and he kept coming in and out after the acts riding to "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy". Yes, I'm from a farming area. And yes, some kids did come to school on tractors for fun. Many had pick up trucks. We did have hicks.  Lol.  The "burned" pictures up top were taken by me at our senior 'skip day". It's not a skip day truly because some of the school staff came with us.    And the bottom pic, it's all of us that went to school K-12. Yeppers. And our class of 116 was the largest in school history. We knew everyone's first/last names in our grade and pretty much the whole school. Small town livin'!

And my winner from the decor set giveaway was Erin! I sent you an email!

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