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Ok, I may have started panicking when I typed the title. It is NOT time for school. No way, no how! For me, school goes back in September, so it's still a ways out there. But I still want to get ready beforehand and not panic when I realize it's time for school and I'm not prepared.

So how am I prepared? Well first, a teacher has got to look good! So I did some shopping on zulily.

This will look nice on Fridays.

Love these!

This I can dress up or down.

Then I snatched up this set:

It's normally $79 (yikes!) but I snatched it up for $28 (and I see the price has already gone back up)
But seriously, I'll just bring one along for a back up, for those just in case classes.

And I've got my own products that I can bring along, like my Reading Activities, my Mad For Math, and my sub plans.

I'm really excited because I'm working on a back to school theme sub plan set for K-2 and the writing, math, and reading are CCSS aligned!

Some other things that I've got in my bag are from some buddies of mine.

My pal Denise from Sunny Days has these EZ Prep Centers.

And from Alisha at The Bubbly Blonde has these fun packets! And she has them K-5.

And I've got my planner from April at A Modern Teacher to keep me organized and on track with stuff!

Speaking of school stuff, this month's blog sponsor is from Stick it 2 Me. From wall decals to stickers, they've got you covered and help with fundraisers where schools and organizations can get 40%-50% on each item sold. 

Any way, are you ready for back to school? Do you have something I should add to my bag of tricks? Let me know!

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  1. I have a few things you could use while subbing! I just posted a year-round centers pack that I plan on leaving in my emergency sub plans this year. Check out a few things from my today's blog post :)

    Teaching in the Tongass

  2. I've definitely been clothes shopping lately too (maybe a little too much seeing as how my income has drastically decreased now that it is summer). I love the white sandals you bought (i've resorted to taping my white ones together because I have yet to replace those... perhaps another trip to the mall).

    I find a good agenda book is key when you are a substitute teacher. This last school year I really only subbed for a month and a half and so I just got by with the calendar on my phone. But I know this won't do for an entire year of subbing! I found this site but when I finally had my agenda exactly how I wanted it I realized it was going to cost me an arm and a leg when I could be completely satisfied with one from Walmart or Target.

    Hope you are enjoying your time off!

    Confessions of a Modern Day Substitute Teacher

  3. Hello gorgeous lady! Long time no talk!! Just had to say I hope you are having an amazing time in VEGAS!! Sorry I missed out on the blogger meet up :( Boo... honestly I just forgot. I have been so out of the teaching and blogging world. Love those sandals you found on Zulily!

  4. Somehow, I've never signed up for Zulily. And checking those prices out above----amazing! Signing up now! :)

    Tales from Outside the Classroom


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