Broken or No AC? 10 Ways To Beat The Heat

Yep, my AC is broken. Which led me to asking some friends what to do to stay cool in this warm weather? And they came up with some great ideas!

10 ways to beat the heat

1) Use a fan. Thank goodness I have my fan still from college. LIFE SAVER!

2) Go swimming or have a sprinkler. If you have a local pool, that's where I'd head. Or a lake. Maybe I can borrow my neighbor's kiddie pool? Or maybe I'll pull out my mister.

3) Wet a washcloth. Did that last night. Soaked a washcloth in cool water and squeezed the water out and put it on my neck. I have some neck cooler thing somewhere but couldn't find it.

4) Pjs/sheets/pillowcase in the freezer. I think I may have to start with pillowcases in the freezer.

5) Go shopping (or any other place with AC). You bet I'm going shopping. And maybe the library.

6) Drink lots of cold water. It keeps you cool, plus this is good for you!

7) Cool bath/shower. This is a quick fix!

8) Have your windows open at night and close your blinds during the day. Don't worry, I also have a stick in my window, so people can't nab me ;)

9) Popsicles! Oh yes, I've been having cool treats all day. Iced coffee too!

10) There are some interesting tips out there (none of these were by my followers). I see where they are coming from, but they are still interesting...

- lay low to the ground
-put ice water and salt in front of a fan
- think cool
-eat spicy food
-don't move, just sit in one spot.

Do you have any 'cool' tips?


  1. Lame sauce! I hope it comes back soon! I like laying with ice packs on my legs. Or walk to the movie theater.

    Chickadee Jubilee

  2. A broken AC is a big problem especially when you're used to having at home. You really have to adjust to that feeling of being always cool and comfortable. The best tip I can give is that you bring your aircon to a repair service as soon as possible. Haha! At least you don't have to do all of these just to get comfortable.
    Levi Eslinger @ Capital Plumbing and Heating

  3. That’s right, Levi! Why let yourself die of heat if you can just have it fixed? It can be darn frustrating if you don’t let yourself give the comfort that you need. It’s okay to be tolerant at first, but not if the problem would give you too much discomfort that it becomes unbearable.


  4. Genius! These are definitely nifty little tips, especially that summer is only months away, and those who don't have air-conditioning will start trying to escape the summer heat. I especially loved the tip on placing your PJs inside the refrigerator. That's definitely one of the most ingenious and useful tip so far. Haha! Thanks!

    Nadene Burkley

  5. The best way to beat the heat is to install Air conditioners for your comfort. Ac repair katy

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