Draw Write Now Rocks!

When I had the chance to collaborate with Barker Creek , I was super excited! For one thing, they are in the Northwest like me.

Barker Creek has amazing products ranging from borders, manipulatives, to my  fave, Draw Write Now.

I do love to doodle, but could use an improvement and these will be fabulous to have and use. You may wonder how a sub would use Draw Write Now, so I'll tell you!

I often have to start a writing prompt and the very first thing (besides writing my name and thinking of a topic), is drawing a picture. I always fall back on drawing/writing about my cat. I'm sure the kids are sick of hearing about Checkers haha! So it will be nice to draw about other animals and things. I got the 8 book boxed set that has things from weather, Native Americans,  the sea, the US,  to animals of the world. The book that I think I'll have on hand all the time will be book one which has the farm, kids/critters, and storybook characters.

If I know ahead of time what class I'm in and they are studying something specific, like 4th grade does Native Americans and 1/2 does the ocean, then I'll bring those books with me. But I'll be taking book one with me for now because it will be perfect!

What will I use it for besides the illustration for writing? I often have to do anchor charts and these will perk them right up. Also, I sometimes like to draw on the board and the kids will write about story about it. Or if we have 10 minutes to fill, I do doodle time.

Why do I love Draw Write Now so much? Let me show you!

Ok so I may use 'cute' a lot! Lol.

Barker Creek has amazing products and are fab to work with! I mean hello, look at this!

Something so personal about a handwritten note <3 I fell in love even more with Barker Creek just them.

So I did draw a farm picture. Because that is a very popular topic and I know I'll have to draw it lol. The results? See for yourself.
Not shabby at all! I actually really love it. Best horse I've ever drawn, hands down. I look forward to drawing with the students using these books, that is for sure!

And then I had to teach someone to draw of course. Who better than my dad!!!

Pretty good job dad, pretty good job! Thanks again Barker Creek. If I can teach a grown adult to draw, I'll be able to teach kiddos!

I would recommend these for sure! Click here to go to Barker Creek and check out their other products or click here to see Draw Write Now. You can get a boxed set or individual books.

I know that Educents is having a deal right now on these books and it's a good deal!!!! Click here for the deal.

**This was sent to me as a review. These are my honest opinions on the product**

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I saw these on Educents and was curious about them. They look great!


    1. I would def buy them with the educents deal. Such a steal!

  2. Thanks, Sweet Tanja, for the thoughtful review.
    And kuddos to your dad for his creation!
    Big hugs sent your way...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  3. These look like amazing books! I am adding them to my wish list tonight! Thank you for the review


  4. I saw those today and was wondering if they were any good!!! Thanks for the review!!


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