Draw Write Now Rocks!

When I had the chance to collaborate with Barker Creek , I was super excited! For one thing, they are in the Northwest like me.

Barker Creek has amazing products ranging from borders, manipulatives, to my  fave, Draw Write Now.

I do love to doodle, but could use an improvement and these will be fabulous to have and use. You may wonder how a sub would use Draw Write Now, so I'll tell you!

I often have to start a writing prompt and the very first thing (besides writing my name and thinking of a topic), is drawing a picture. I always fall back on drawing/writing about my cat. I'm sure the kids are sick of hearing about Checkers haha! So it will be nice to draw about other animals and things. I got the 8 book boxed set that has things from weather, Native Americans,  the sea, the US,  to animals of the world. The book that I think I'll have on hand all the time will be book one which has the farm, kids/critters, and storybook characters.

If I know ahead of time what class I'm in and they are studying something specific, like 4th grade does Native Americans and 1/2 does the ocean, then I'll bring those books with me. But I'll be taking book one with me for now because it will be perfect!

What will I use it for besides the illustration for writing? I often have to do anchor charts and these will perk them right up. Also, I sometimes like to draw on the board and the kids will write about story about it. Or if we have 10 minutes to fill, I do doodle time.

Why do I love Draw Write Now so much? Let me show you!

Ok so I may use 'cute' a lot! Lol.

Barker Creek has amazing products and are fab to work with! I mean hello, look at this!

Something so personal about a handwritten note <3 I fell in love even more with Barker Creek just them.

So I did draw a farm picture. Because that is a very popular topic and I know I'll have to draw it lol. The results? See for yourself.
Not shabby at all! I actually really love it. Best horse I've ever drawn, hands down. I look forward to drawing with the students using these books, that is for sure!

And then I had to teach someone to draw of course. Who better than my dad!!!

Pretty good job dad, pretty good job! Thanks again Barker Creek. If I can teach a grown adult to draw, I'll be able to teach kiddos!

I would recommend these for sure! Click here to go to Barker Creek and check out their other products or click here to see Draw Write Now. You can get a boxed set or individual books.

I know that Educents is having a deal right now on these books and it's a good deal!!!! Click here for the deal.

**This was sent to me as a review. These are my honest opinions on the product**

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I saw these on Educents and was curious about them. They look great!


  2. Thanks, Sweet Tanja, for the thoughtful review.
    And kuddos to your dad for his creation!
    Big hugs sent your way...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  3. These look like amazing books! I am adding them to my wish list tonight! Thank you for the review


  4. I saw those today and was wondering if they were any good!!! Thanks for the review!!


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