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Oh my goodness. I'm excited. And nervous. But mostly excited! I get to meet up with some fab Oregon bloggers (and a previous OR blogger who I've chatted with on FB and video chat but am excited to meet!!!). I've met two of the ladies before but it was brief, so I can't wait to chat.

So if you're an Oregon blogger (or any other teacher blogger that happens be to be here), let's meet!

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  1. Awesome! I'm not an Oregon blogger, but my brother and his family live there. They love it ..it's beautiful(pictures)! My nephew will be attending Oregon State University in the fall! I can't wait to visit :) I wish I was going to Lakeshore...I love that store! Have Fun!

  2. Ooh - I would totally have made the drive for this one if I had known earlier (and if school wasn't just finishing). I hope you have fun!
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  3. How fun to meet up with other bloggers! I love your TPT products! Laura

  4. I just found your blog and sub plans! All looks great! Have fun at your meet up; I'm from a different "O" state, Ohio.
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