Ahh, Summer

There's nothing like summer vacation! No more setting the alarm (well, every once in awhile for something), no more "teacher, teacher!", and going to the bathroom whenever you want, yippee! Hahaha :)

I got myself a little present for my birthday

And then decided I wanted to work more at my desk instead of the couch, so I needed a new chair

But first I had to clear off my desk and get organized (more about the organizing containers in another post).

I've also gotten my creative mojo again! I've been having fun creating my decor sets again.

Room Decor

room decor

room decor

room decor

And I've got more planned!

And I SO cannot wait for Monday....

Are you on summer break yet? What are you up to?

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  1. Enjoy your new toy! I love mine and do soooo much on it. Nice decor sets too! Enjoy your weekend!
    (I'm a recently new follower btw)

  2. Happy birthday and enjoy your new fun toy! :) Love the decor sets!


  3. Happy birthday! You are going to love your iPad! You have been busy with very cute decor sets. Wow! Love the bright cheery colors.

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  4. Love your new toy! I couldn't live without mine at home or at school, but I must confess, I would much prefer the couch to the desk. :)
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