Currently July in June!

Say what?!?! Farley posted it a little early and I'm going with it! Lol!

Listening: Grooveshark let's you pick what songs you want and create a playlist. Love it!

Loving: Summer vacation! Sleep in, go to the bathroom when I want, sunshine...ah :)

Thinking:  Um Vegas is in 2 weeks. I'm actually practice packing hahaha.

Wanting: Relay for Life is consuming my life right now and I'm stressing out. I'm in charge of entertainment (by myself) and there are some bumps and the pressure is on!

Needing: Hair cut. Yep. I can't remember the last time I got a cut or trim and maybe I should do it before Vegas.

Tips,tricks, or hints: Don't worry about what everyone else is blogging or creating on TpT. You worry about you and focus on what YOU know and what YOU do. The rest will come :)

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  1. Found you through Farley! Vegas?? I'm jealous! Have a great weekend!
    ideas by jivey
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  2. Have so much fun in Vegas, girl!! You deserve it! :) Great advice.. I needed that!

    Laura Love to Teach

  3. I like your advice! Good luck with Relay for Life and enjoy your trip to Vegas!

  4. Just got a haircut this morning. Hairdresser said "Your last visit was 8 months ago." Ooops.
    Had no idea about Grooveshark - listening right now! You just rocked my world with that today. THANK YOU!
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