Five For Friday

I'm linking on up!

I've been working on these bad boys. Need to get them done!!!

Still playing around with my washi :)

My favorite triplet at my friend's farm. It was so cute! 

I'm so freaking excited, I can't wait for this!

We have a local hazelnut company and they have all sorts of flavors. And samples. But I did good and only had a few samples and got the presents with my mom to send to Germany.

Happy Friday!

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  1. I need to order myself some washi tape too! I have seen so many ideas!!

    Literacy Spark

  2. Hi Tanja! How fun to meet up other bloggers. If only I was just a bit closer! There are a few of us just north of the border in Vancouver that might meet up over the summer if we can organize our schedules. So many awesome teacher bloggers. :-)
    (Little goats are the cutest things).
    Whimsy Workshop

  3. 1. I love your sub plans and the picture too!!!
    2. I purchased my first washi tape {3 rolls} - now what to do with it?
    3. I'm so excited for you going to Vegas will have a blast!!!!!
    {if you win big, will you buy me some more washi tape?!} HA!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade


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