Summer Bucket List Linky

My plans for summer you say? Well July will be packed, that I do know.

I'm linking up with Cupcake, Hadar, and April for the 2nd annual summer bucket list linky party!

1. Workout! I need to set up a routine so I stick to it in the summer.

2. Relay for Life. I'm on the committee and in charge of entertainment.

3. Bloggy friends. Hopefully meeting up with some in June and in July...

4. VEGAS baby!  There is the I Teach K conference, but I'm going to the Differentiated Instruction Conference and hopefully see Ron Clark! *swoon*

I took this spring break 2010.

5. 10 year reunion. Yep, 10 years already!

6. Day trip to the beach?

7. Do some DIY stuff!

8. Try out new recipes from Pinterest. 

9. Keep working on teacher products! 

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  1. I heart that the beach can be a day trip! Can't wait for bloggy meet-ups!

    Chickadee Jubilee

  2. Fun! I wish I was going to Vegas :)

  3. Can't wait to see you IRL!!! Thanks for linking up girlie! :)


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