Substitute Preparedness #5: Art Attack

What? Time already for my monthly series? Time is flying!

Oh art, how I love thee!  Art in my two districts often gets put to the side but you can so totally incorporate writing/science into art! And I know with having subs, you don't want to get it too messy but some subs (like me) don't mind and like to get down and dirty with art!

For example, the class I'm in this week did a little bit of science and art. They're learning about the ocean and fish. They drew and painted fish and outlined with Sharpie. They created a bubble background by blowing with straws.  And they labeled their fish! Writing, science, and art. Bam!
And the labels are the gills, scales, fin, and the vertebrae :)

So bright and colorful! I got to create the bulletin board too :) Scrunch border! The kids thought their work looked like they were in museum, too cute! The blacked out part is their name in white crayon.

I find that you stick a paper in front of a kid and give them watercolors, they're happy. They did this after reading Rainbow Fish.  I turned on some music and they painted for about 20 minutes quietly! Some didn't want to go out to recess. And it's easy clean up, some wipes!

Sometimes I have kiddos draw the setting from their stories. Or this week in ELD, I had them draw four community helpers and then they used went and did A/B partners and used their sentence frames with their pictures. They did the work they were supposed to, but with a twist!  

Now if you don't want to hassle with paint or watercolors, there's good ol' fashioned crayon/colored pencil/marker drawing too.

The freebie today is a few pages that students have to finish the drawing. There is symmetrical drawing, adding on to the picture, and squiggle drawing. I remember one time a substitute did a squiggle paper for each student and we thought it was the coolest thing ever, and this was in middle school haha.

Alright here it is! I'd love it if you'd leave me some love notes. Thanks!

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  1. I use doodle art in my classroom for writing and they love it!
    The Schroeder Page

  2. Thank you so much for the freebies! What great resources!!!

  3. I teach sixth grade ELA, but I'll have them add to the squiggles and then write stories about them. I can ELA-ify anything!


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