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Listening: AMC is something my mom watched when she first came to the US because of my grandma (her mother-in-law). I watched it too because of my mom watching. When it was cancelled, I was sad. But now it's on Hulu :) And more modern!

Loving: SUN! And 81 degrees woohoo!

Thinking: 1 class for four days this week has been nice. Lessons, planning, copying, etc :)

Wanting: Time is going too fast and I have so much to do!

Needing: See wanting lol. I have Relay stuff to do and little time!

Bucket list. 1) I hope to make it to the beach sometime this summer. 2) I want to meet up with bloggy buddies whether in Oregon or elsewhere ;) 3) I need to stick strong with WW!

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  1. I love hulu! I have Netflix too! and cable! lol
    Flying into First Grade

  2. LUCKY 13... the weather today was hot... and tomorrow it is going to be COLD... cold front comes in tonight... kids should be way cray cray... thanks for always linking up!!! LOVE YA

  3. I love relay for life...I did it after my mom amazing! Weather was hot today here in SO. Cal too. HUGS
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

  4. I need the beach!!! I don't think we'll make it this summer. We usually go every summer, but we put in a pool this year. That will be our beach trip this summer. I'm so happy to have my flip flop weather back, too. Enjoy!

    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

  5. Hooray for this lovely weather! And did we ever finalize the Oregon blogger meet-up in June??

    Teaching's a Hoot

    1. I think we decided on June 17 at a 8ish...but I don't know where!

  6. Sunshine sure seems to be a recurring theme lately! Good luck with all your summer goals!

    Love to Learn

  7. It was BEAUTIFUL here today, too - so hot I had to open up the classroom door and windows. LOVED IT! Not expecting to stay that hot, but as long as it doesn't snow again, I'm one HAPPY lady!

    Runde's Room

  8. Glad you got to enjoy one classroom this week! I can imagine the bouncing around gets stressful. Seeing the beach this summer would be wonderful, but I'll have to wait for fall for that. :) Good luck getting your Relay for Life things done!!

  9. I think you should come to Hawaii for a bloggy meet up! Then you'll get the beach too;)


  10. Isn't the internet amazing--you can watch anything! I am your newest follower! I would love to have you come by and visit! I am hosting a linky of my own and a giveaway!

  11. I need to get back to WW... summer is usually my time to make good choices. :)

    Emily @I Love My Classroom


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