Music Rocks!

Hey everyone! Anyone else going crazy with end of the year? I found out I may even be subbing June 11, the second to the last day of school! Yesterday and today were fun, I subbed in  music!

If you follow my FB I posted one pic and then a different one on instagram (my name is teacherjourney if you want to follow!)

We rocked out to an awesome dvd that helps kids learn music theory.

Then when the kinders came in, we were going to watch this one music video. But they were squirrely. I'm sure that's shocking to you lol.

So thankfully  the teacher was logged in and I could access youtube. I think I went up a notch on the cool substitute ranking from the responses I got. And they were ADORABLE dancing all the same time.

The kinders faves?

We had 40 minutes, so we did a lot of dancing. Another teacher and an assistant stopped in because they heard awesome music and they joined in on the dancing too! These are just awesome for music or brain breaks.

I have some more songs and brain breaks on my Pinterest account.

Rock on my friends, rock on!

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  1. FYI, even my fourth graders (at the beginning of the year) love the Gummi Bear song for their morning exercises :D Although one of them told me, as we were watching the original version, "I can tell the Gummi Bear isn't singing. His lips aren't moving with the words."


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