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I have to say, I'm loving my monthly series!  I really enjoyed making those posters for Sunday's post and they're all sparkly thanks to Alisha!

I feel like I've been working up a storm with new products!

I made St. Patty's Day poems as per request:

$3 at TpT or TN

Then I had to do Easter right after that since Easter is in March this year!

$3 at TpT or TN

And then I made this Queen of the Teens Math product that I have to admit I really LOVE!

 $5 TpT or TN

Each of my download previews has a freebie, but I've stuck them in one file for you here!

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  1. Why are you so dang creative?! I really love the The Queen of Teens pack you created - that was a really smart, cute idea. And those posters? Adorable. I love the glitter :)

    Miss V's Busy Bees

  2. The queen of teens is adorable! I'm sending my k team to your store immediately!!




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