Spring Is Here and a Freebie (or five)

Spring is here? Really? Could have fooled me!


So how have I spent my first three days of Spring Break, besides trying to stay dry and warm?

I've been revamping stuff in my TN store, starting with freebies and now I'm working on paid products. Then I'll upload some to my TpT store.

First I wanted to revamp the covers, but then I wanted to change the fonts. And if you change the fonts, chances are you will change the graphics. And if you change the graphics, then you might as well change or add to the pack...and if you give a teacher...hahaha just kidding :) People, I was horrified at what I had made. I thought it was good! Well the content was good, but fonts and graphics oh my!

So hopefully you can use this before/after Spring Break :)

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  1. "If you change the fonts, you want to change the graphics, etc." You sound like me! I love the changes :)

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! You're so sweet! Everyone in this blog community is so helpful and supportive and I can't wait to connect to more amazing teachers like yourself! Stop by anytime!

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